2016 is Coming to an End on The National Road

November 24, 2016 Business,Company News

I hope that everyone has had a good year, we are all glad the election is finally over and we can get back to some sense of normality. My family has had a good year and all of the family is doing good, what more can you ask for?

Another day, another dollar is my saying of the year. Everyday I wake-up at 5:30 am give or take a few minutes and never set an alarm clock, give the dogs their treats, let them out to do their business and let them in after about 15

2016 is Coming to an End on The National Road

2016 is Coming to an End on The National Road

minutes while I am making a pot of coffee. Coffee is brewing while I walk down the motel and turn off all of the lights and my dog goes with me every morning to do his business, this is a ritual now as he is 13 years old. When we come in I pour the coffee into the large thermos and proceed to go to my computer and check e-mails for about the next 20 minutes, change laundry loads for the motel several times if we were busy the day before. I also review all of my site rankings to make sure that nothing has changed in the last day, which nothing ever does. Also several times a day I review my sites to make sure that they have not been hacked which since I have high volume sites it does happen from time to time.

Why do I own NationalRoadEast.com? Mainly because I have a business on the National Road so I have an interest in building the business on this road while at the same time helping others build their business.

How Long have you owned Nationalroadeast.com, NREast.com, OhioNationalRoad.com plus other related domain names? It has been quite a while now, probably about 10 years or more at one point I wanted to use the first name for business on the National Road East of Zanesville but that was quashed when the local organization that now also uses the name wanted me to give them the domain, of course as a designer and business developer I saw that as only a waste of time since all of my sites rank high on the search engines and the person who was head of the group at that time wanted her relative to do the web work for which nothing can be found.

I have always wanted this domain to benefit the businesses that use this site and not simply be a business card website that no one can fine, that is what it would have been. Today my national road sites are attached to my other sites which point thousands of visitors each day to NationalRoadEast.com. NREast.com was purchased as a simple term to access the site and only points to it. Businesses on the National Road a made up of small independently owned properties and a few large chain properties for which if we work together can and will benefit all properties. Maintaining this site takes a good deal of time so the small fee that I charge pails to the comparison to local news resources and the benefits will by far out weigh other mediums.

If your intent is to build a long term business then using National Road East should be implemented into your yearly budget though since it only runs 130. bucks for a two year premium listing it does not require much thought. I have created a business platform for National Road Business that has the ability due to its high rankings to increase your business in a cost effective manner.

What can we offer that other sites cannot? When it comes to National Road Advertising we are not only the highest ranked resource but the only business directory for businesses on the National Road.

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Plus another important fact is that we do not make call trying to sell our advertising because it is optimized for rankings we are only interested in advertisers who understand how people search and want listed there. Many other directories have sales people that pester you and sell their advertising but have you ever checked their rankings, they do not even come close to us in usable traffic.

We hope that everyone has a profitable New Year and look forward to seeing your listing on the National Road.