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Only place free business advertising on websites that have more than a couple ads, there is a reason not to advertise on websiteswith



very few ads. The reason being they usually cannot be found via any type of web search, there are many local advertising resources that will try to charge you because they may either place an ad in a local paper or they may even have advertising on the television, radio or even advertising on the highways or local roads. The only way you should pay for advertising on any website is if it has rankings online, let’s face it most people will not even remember the other advertising long term or for that matter even short term so why waste your time or money.

I have seen many papers or even local companies that charge a monthly fees to advertise your business for either coupons or ad space on their websites and the only way you can find them is if you know the businesses name, so you really need to think about that type of advertising. Stop and think for one minute how many people do you really think have ever heard of your business outside of your local area and if you are in a large city really how many people even know you exist. You are correct if your answer is hardly any, so why pay those hard earned dollar to someone who did a sales pitch in front of you. Understand a little bit about advertising online can save you some money and make you money. Of course there are some people that might come to your door with an opportunity that really is a good deal, you should have them show you their rankings so that you can understand what they are saying. Unfortunately most people do not want to take the time to understand and will just pay the smooth talker as to taking the time to learn.

Learn to advertise using keywords relevant to your business, of course you can incorporate your business name also but only at the end of the title as the beginning is the most important space.

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