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September 27, 2012 Business,Company News

The National Road – Building Business

Do National Road Businesses need to place a link on National Road East? This should be a no brainer for anyone with a business on the national road or near the national road, placing your link here will be the best move that you can make for your business, each year your link on this website will generate more revenue for you than any other type of advertising you can do at a fraction of the cost. Let’s review the other types of advertising and their costs:

National Road East

  • Newspaper Advertising – Not to cost-effective when you consider that one display ad will cost more than an entire year of advertising here, with this type of advertising you get a one day shot so how much business will itNational Road Business Listings National Road Business Listings actually, generate.
  • Radio Advertising – Again a one-shot deal so again this type of advertising does not even compare to a listing on NationalRoadEast.
  • Local Visitors Bureau – Still not as cost effective as advertising with us and if you take advantage of other ad opportunities this again is much more costly than a listing on this website.  The results are yet to be determined and vary with each business but none the less will cost much more.

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National Road Listings

No other advertising options really compare to placing a listing on National Road East as with your business listing with us you also receive a link to your website so it is like killing two birds with one stone,  obtaining visitors that come to this website and adding a relevant incoming link to your website thus helping you increase the ranking of your website on the major search engines.

National Road – Golden Advertising

We understand what it takes to build an online business because the Golden Advertising Group of websites are some the highest ranked advertising resources for businesses in their respective areas, not just for Ohio ranking but also for national and global rankings.  Our company has been in business for several years now in Ohio.  Our job is building your business not only to your website but to your physical business also and we do it well as we are professionals no just in business advertising but at organic search engine optimization.

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National Road

Article Writing – Building Business

Are you really interested in getting exposure for your business on the National Road?

The fact of the matter is most businesses talk that they want to build the business but when it comes to trying to build their business they are stuck in the old ways of doing business, then when you have to close down due to no business you will say to yourself that you were just squeezed out.  Building Business is easier when you use free services like this to build incoming links to your website and if your website is properly optimized incoming links with help improve your rankings on the major search engines.   Write an article about your business, when your business opened its doors, changes over the years, what you do that has not been done before, etc.. You can incorporate a link or two to various pages of your websites while explaining what services or products you offer or provide.

Once you submit an article we review the article and incorporate proper tagging for the article, add an image if you send one or we will take the image from your website.  We can also provide you with other ways to build your business which are free and once you see they are working you can increase exposure with paid advertising.  I always say “Start small and grow” that way you do not have to borrow,   I have used National Road East for my other business for years to build not only incoming links but business so it is not important to have other business articles unless other people are like me and realize the importance of this.

Over the years I have tried to explain this to people but business owners always think you are selling them something or do not think their business needs it until it is too late then they wonder what they can do as an instant cure.  With over 34 years in business, I can tell you there is no instant cure that is why you need to be proactive with your business and stay ahead of the game and not fall too far behind.  Have you heard the old adage “You snooze you lose” well it is a fact, the time to start building a web campaign is when you are busy so that you do not have the slow times?

National Road – Building a Business

I have a website but it has done nothing to build my business?

There are a couple of reasons that a website will not build your business and both come back to what I mentioned above.

  1. Lack of understanding on your part of what is entailed in building an online business, so when you have that website built it is not properly optimized.
  2. You understand the importance of optimization but think that is all that is required.
  3. In many cases, people will spend hundreds of thousands on building a brick and mortar business, plus thousands more for building a sign then as an afterthought they budget maybe a thousand dollars for their company website and think it will be in front of the world for viewing.  Guess again, with billions of websites this budget will not provide worlds of viewers though it will provide you with an online business card,  just like business cards where the only people that see your card are the ones you hand it out to.  A business card website is one where the only viewer you have are the ones you tell about it since organically it will never be found.
  4. If you own a business you spent a good amount of money when buying the business so you need to understand you either need to spend money on building an online business or learn the process of building an online business on your own.  The rewards of learning what needs to be done are too great to just sit idly by and do nothing.
  5. If your online business or offline business fails you only have yourself to blame and no one else.   Another old adage I love is “You can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink”, this adage is true for most businesses that have an online presence.

So get off your butt and start writing an article and send it to us and we will gladly post it for you.  Also, remember that when dealing with me also I am the type of person that firmly believe when you scratch my back I will scratch yours.  So put a link on your website to one of my websites, it does not cost you a dime but will show me that you are really interested in building your business by helping to build my business.

We have a large network of websites so you will gain a lot of exposure for your business when you work with us and we will gladly work with you.  Building business is our business both online and offline.

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