Car Rental 101

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Car Rental 101


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by Seth Milligan

When planning a trip there’s always a million different things to think about. Lodging, itineraries, meals, and so on must all be considered. Essential to any trip is the actual transportation being used. Whether a car is being used to reach the

Rent a Car services

Rent a Car services

destination or is only being rented to get around once the destination has been reached, getting a good car at a fair price is important.

Don’t Skimp on Space

If a road trip is on the agenda, first decide on the size of the vehicle needed. In general, a family of four will need at least a mid-size or larger car. If the trip is to be a week or more, a full size vehicle or even a minivan is order. While it is possible to cram the family into a smaller car and save some money due to better gas mileage, the groans and complaints of uncomfortable children(and sometimes spouses) makes this a highly undesirable option.

The Limits of Unlimited

Once a size/class of vehicle has been selected, it’s time to consider mileage. For a road trip, this has to be looked at carefully. Some car rental deals have unlimited mileage but only to a point. A traveler looking to drive from Maine to California and back will end up paying extra for mileage after a certain point. Check the rental agreement carefully. While vacations always have a certain degree of spontaneity involved in them, knowing roughly how many miles are going to be driven will help in figuring out the best rental deal.

A Package Deal?

If flying is involved in a trip, lots of websites will tout great deals that can be achieved by booking airfare and car rentals(and even lodging) all at once. If the airline, hotel/lodging, and rental company are all acceptable to the traveler, this is a reasonable option.

Before booking that all-in-one reservation, it would definitely be worthwhile to call individual car rental companies and see if a better deal is available. Even though various websites claim that such and such a price is the absolute lowest, calling and asking for a lower price will sometimes work. This is especially true during off season for most destinations.

Reckon on Wrecking

Another crucial aspect to renting a car is insurance. Renters will always be asked to sign a waiver of some sort if they don’t purchase insurance for the rented car. A renter should always check with his/her auto policy before renting any car to see if the insurance company covers accidents that occur while driving a rental car. If it does not, by all means pay the extra for the insurance.

Purchasing the insurance is highly recommended because, should the worst case scenario occur and the rental car gets totaled, the renter will have to pay the entirety of the cost to replace the car. If the renter’s insurance doesn’t cover this kind of accident and insurance was not purchased from the rental car company, the renter will be paying out of pocket.

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