Established in Business 39 years

December 2, 2017 Business,Company News

Established in business now for 39 years and to be honest it seems like yesterday though I guess most adults say the same thing. Back in 1980 is when we started in business here in Norwich, Ohio and 39 years later I am still here. Though it was not until 1998 that I started my internet businesses with my first being then both started about the same time. It was not until 2003 that I bought the domain

Established in Business 38 years

Established in Business 38 years

then in 2006, I purchased in addition to many other domains that I now own.

Building an Internet Business

Building an internet business is not something you can just slap up and be in business unless of course, you have a huge advertising and marketing budget which I do not so I learned how to optimize my website for organic results. Online business has changed dramatically over the years whereas today most businesses do their marketing through social networking and many businesses use social networking as their source of building their brick and mortar business. Personally, I utilize both methods for building business both online and offline, brick and mortar businesses today find it hard to grow without a web location and social networking. I have noticed though even today people understand how to use the internet and social networking but still mostly do not have a clue on how proper optimization of your website and social media can benefit their business. Over the years I have written many articles on this and also then are loads of articles online on the importance of this yet still people do not grasp the importance of proper optimization of their website and most opt to simply have a business card website.

Most of my days are spent with my brick and mortar business and mornings and evenings are spent on building my internet businesses, unlike many online business owners that might either knock on your business door or flood you with phone calls selling their service. Heck, even Google affiliates constantly call saying that their company can update your free Google listing and this is ongoing, though that free listing becomes quite costly if you use one of these services. Personally, I would rather work on optimizing my websites with quality content than bother business people with phone calls.

Understand the Importance of a Business Listing

Another reason I do not make contact selling my service is when you try to sell something that people do not understand you will spend all of your time educating them and then they do not believe you or they spend $40 bucks and if they do not make 10,000 on the ad they think you ripped them off. On the other hand, that same person will spend 100. to advertise in the newspaper and simply think they did not properly write the ad. That is the main difference between the different forms of advertising, with us you have the ability to change your listing whenever you want and actually if you change your listing monthly that will bring more business to your listing since search engines like to see fresh content. With newspaper listings though you can plan on paying another hundred dollars to experiment on what works.

Analyzing your Traffic

Honestly, do you even no on how to classify what does or does not work? Do you even track where your business comes from? I doubt it though with online advertising you can see how many people view your listing, you can track how your rankings are on the search engines and adjust your listing accordingly, plus you can track how many click-throughs to your website by using Google Analytics. You cannot do that with your paper listing. I have heard some people say websites are the past, well if websites are the past then Newspapers are the dark ages. Business is ever changing and if you are not willing to change the way you do business you will find yourself out of business or your business will stagnate.

Building a Business on the National Road

Building a business on the National Road has some benefits, the first being you are located on a very historical road and you need to take advantage of that. Have you looked at what opportunities are out there to build your business on the National Road, there are not that many like National Road East where you can place a business listing and have the ability to modify your listing whenever you want that are as cost effective as our service. Additionally, none have been online as long as we have. With us you do since I have been in business now for over 39 years, I am not going anywhere. I want to build your business though that is not possible unless you place a business listing on this site, do not look for me to contact you about this opportunity as I believe in the old adage you can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.