Historic National Road Businesses

August 31, 2012 Business,Company News

Historic National Road Businesses

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Should you have a business either along the Historic National Road or in a town along the Historic National Road you should understand the value of advertising on a website that ranks extremely well for search terms related to the National Road.

If you do not check search terms for this keyword then your business is missing the boat on potential business revenues that could be generated by advertising on this website, in judging value ask yourself a couple of different questions.


  • Does your Chamber of Commerce value the fact they are on the Historic National Road?  If you answered yes then I am sure you no that they more than likely offer or have brochures for advertising your business, the cost of advertising in these brochures more than exceeds the cost of advertising on this website and will not generate near the revenue your ad on this website will, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • The State of Ohio recognizes the National Road as a Historic place, as it is now called the Historic National Road and markets it as such.
  • Local papers market events on the National Road, one listing in any local paper will cost more than a two year listing on National Road East.com.
  • Many websites send salespeople around marketing their websites, stating your ad will be seen by the world.  Actually, the only people seeing their sites are the people they try to sell their ads to.  With National Road East we are very highly ranked on the search engines, thousands of people find us through organic searching every day of the week.
  • Take some time a do a simple keyword search, not for the business name but a keyword that some would search for?   I am probably right they are nowhere to be found but they do have someone out peddling to your door and in many cases, you probably will buy because you have not found this website and read this article.
  • To understand the internet is to make money on the internet, business today entails the internet and the ability to use it to its fullest limits is to succeed in business today.
  • We have added social networking features throughout this website so that people can not only advertise your listing with their network but you can advertise it on your network also.

Additionally, on National Road East.com you will find other ways to advertise which include the following.

  • Text Advertising – On the right and left of each page you will see our own google like advertising system, these ads run through our entire network of websites and can bring thousands of impressions during an advertising period at a fixed rate which is unlike most advertising online which charge by the impression and usually runs $50.00 bucks for a thousand impressions.  On Golden Advertising network advertising you will receive several thousand impressions for only$60.  for 15 days of advertising, other programs are available but this is a great way to get your feet wet.
  • Premium Advertising on National Road East.com – Our yearly premium ad listing ( Now 2 years for the price of one ) is by far the best way to go for your business, with this service you premium listing rotates on the main page and you can also write an article about your business with links to your website or even write articles about your area and include links to your website.  Either way, it is a win-win for your business.
  • Businesses listed on National Road East.com will benefit from the links to this website on our other websites, additionally, the rankings for your listing will benefit greatly from these incoming links.