Main Street of America

The main street of America then and now, back then most commerce was Main Street of Americabuilt on word of mouth or location along the National Road when people cared more about the simpler things in life whereas today gone are the need for simple things in are the wants of things we really do not need. When people went into a restaurant in the early years they simply wanted a hot meal and ale to quench their thirst, lodging was simply a clean room with a bed and the entertainment was the food and ale in the tavern.

Every now and then it is nice to step back and receive a flavor of how things were, for many today it is a way to keep grounded by keeping happy with what you have and understand what you really do not need. Traveling these historic places provides you a doorway into a simpler past, back then family values were set by hard work, regular gatherings around the dinner table with long talks of the day. That past was lost many years ago with not a dining room table but the television, then phones, now computer devices and each step of the way we lose a bit of what is really family. Interest in our history is becoming more important as people see the changes they are experiencing in their day to day lives with many of our youths now yearning for that simpler life.

With time comes to change but at some point, we always want to reflect on what we missed or what we could have done. The time to reflect is now and not later as you can change the hear and now, but will you. Our families grow all to fast and before we know it our children are grown and creating their own memories. As parents, we wonder if we did things right and if we did our kids will turn out to be good adults. Happy with their lives with whatever they achieve, you see it is not how much you have but what you do with what you have that makes you a successful and happy person. Sometimes taking a step back for which in this case a simpler time provides you the ability to reflect on your life and see what things you can change.

With history, it provides us with the ability to take bits and pieces of our past to make a better future not relive the past but takes away from the past. Personally, I see that some things in the past have a place in the present then build a better future for the youth of tomorrow and we are seeing this with Tiny Living, this is a yearning for a simpler time which does not include loads of debt that takes your whole life to pay off if you ever pay it off. This year and every year in the future take mini trips and visit our historic past, take some time to reflect with your family on these mini trips. Most importantly be happy with the simpler things for just a couple days if you can, the National Road can provide you with many treasures at the historic places along Historic US 40. Safe Travels

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