Ohio Summer Travel - Ohio National Road

February 25, 2014 Travel News

Ohio Summer Travel

Ohio Summer Travel – Ohio National Road

Ohio Summer Travel –
Ohio National Road

Many travelers are now making travel plans so if you have a business on the National Road now is the time to get your listing on NationalRoadEast.com.  One thing nice about advertising your business with us is the visibility that you will receive, it is a given you will get a lot more business than the cost of the listing.

National Road Travel Listing

Have you done updating to your business or even made major changes in your business then submit an article and we will post it on this website so all of the travelers of the National Road will see what you have done and make plans to stop by and visit.  At National Road East we want your business to grow but we cannot help you unless you want us to,  this is one reason we keep our advertising so affordable plus our pricing is for the entire year and not just a day or month.

Advantages of Advertising on National Road East

Just the other day I had someone call me selling advertising on a phone book cover for which the small listing well exceeded $200., how many travelers do you think will see that ad?  Yep, that is a big 0 more than likely.  For only $40. bucks per year your business can get listed on this website, that only 20 cups of coffee at any restaurant or just one dinner for four at your local restaurant will cover your advertising cost for the entire year.

Another nice thing about advertising with us is you can change your listing when ever you want and have a link to your website or even map it using Google Maps.  Any way you look at it your listing is a good investment for you and your business.   Another great resource for your business is on our other travel website, MotelOhio.com.

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